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Don’t let your story get lost in poorly drafted law documents

Our business is taking the stress out drawing your court
documents whether you are:

starting proceedings or responding after being served with court documents; or

if you simply want to file consent orders in the court registry; or

if you are required to file one of the myriad of other court documents during your case.

Courts operate in a ‘paper world’ of specific documents – the judge or registrar in charge of your case does not know about you without you telling your story through the documents you file. Without a great set of court documents, your case may not be properly told to the court and your entitlements placed at risk.

Courts we operate in:

Family Law Court Documents

Our skilled court drafters will draw the documents you need without the cost of full representation


We know the Law

Our experienced lawyers will draw your documents to comply with court requirements and put your best case forward

How we provide our services to you


Contact us online, by phone, or by email and tell us what your situation is


We will send you a client details form to fill, giving us details of your name and the name of the other party or parties involved


Tell us if what court documents you think you might need; e.g. Application for Divorce, Consent Orders, Initiation Application or Response


Make a time for a lawyer to call you about your requirements


We will provide you with an estimate of costs and a timeframe for delivery of documents. Click here for our Fee Structure.


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