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If you own property or have shared financial resources with another person and the marriage or de facto relationship has broken down, we can draw the documents you need to untangle the financial relationship 



If you have children and want to get orders for their care, we can draw the necessary documents so you can obtain the orders you need to put an end to ongoing conflict about parenting.



If you need to obtain a divorce, we can draw the Application for you and serve the other party all without you having to make any contact at all with your former husband or wife.


Domestic Violence

If you are seeking protection from the Magistrates Court we can draw your court documents to make sure the Magistrate knows what has happened and why a Protection Order should be made to protect you. If you are served with an Application for a Protection Order, we can draw your documents in response.

Courts we operate in:

All court documents and legal representation if required

The most common impediment to seeking relief from the courts is the cost. While people save for a home or a car, few if any save for an unexpected legal proceeding and finding funds to participate in a court case with full legal representation is well beyond the financial means of most people.

Our experienced court drafters will draw the documents you need without the cost of full representation. Anyone can represent themselves at a family court hearing, it is the documents that assist you the most in getting the court orders you need.


Flexibility to move to representation if necessary

If you eventually need full legal representation, we can assist and provide you with optimum representation right through to trial and appeals if necessary. You are assured of having the very best representation available through our experienced legal practitioners.



As our Principal, Jennifer Donnelly, is a Nationally Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, we can offer a full range of mediation services including issuing Section 60i Certificates for parenting disputes. Full day or half day mediations conducted at a location to suit you. Mediation is the pathway to resolving disputes prior to heading to the court door.  

Family Law Court Documents

Our Family Law solicitors will draft clear and concise court documents for your proceeding to tell the judge of your case, including:

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