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About Chevell Legal

Jennifer Donnelly



With over ten years’ experience representing clients in Family Law disputes, proceedings and mediations, Jennifer can provide expert advice on all Family Law issues including:

  1. Property disputes regardless of complexity;
  2. Parenting disputes including difficult cases;
  3. Mediation – Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner;
  4. Domestic and family violence issues.


Our Principal’s qualifications: 


  • Master of Laws (QUT) 
  • Bachelor of Laws (QUT) 
  • Bachelor of Education (UTS)

Sarah Donnelly



Working in both Family Law and commercial transactions for many years, Sarah brings a practical and commercial approach to representing clients in Family Law disputes and settlements. 

Sarah’s comprehensive understanding of financial settlements, trusts, companies, self-managed super funds and personal property holdings, allow her to provide timely and common-sense advice to her clients. Her understanding of parenting issues and her empathy towards clients and the dilemma’s they face with raising children after separation allow her to guide people towards co-parenting agreements to reduce parenting conflict.

Sarah joins our Firm to practice in the areas of both Family Law and Commercial transactions.


Sarah’s qualifications: 


  • Bachelor of Laws (Hons) QUT
  • Bachelor of Business USC

Our Legal Drafting Team

Our team of legal document writers are all experienced and highly skilled legal practitioners. These practitioners follow our Principal’s strict direction in drafting our client’s court documents to ensure optimum representation.


All of the documents are approved by the Principal before leaving our Firm. As such, you can be assured your documents will meet the court requirements and have the best opportunity to obtain for you the outcome you need.

We know the Law


Our experienced lawyers will draw your documents to comply with court requirements and put your best case forward. Not only does this give you the best case before the judge, it also gives you the best opportunity to settle without the need for a full trial. Early resolution depends on what information is contained in your documents, without knowing what you want to achieve, how is the other side ever going to know how to settle without a costly trial?


Our documents will set out your case clearly and concisely for the judge and the other party in a logical sequence without any unnecessary words.


We can give you a quote on what it will cost to draw your documents – no surprises.

Don’t be caught out without the judge knowing what orders to make for you.


Like the people involved in them, no two cases are ever exactly the same, every person brings their own unique life experience and their own special ‘story’ to the court room, even if just seeking consent orders for an agreed settlement. 


What we do is take your ‘story’ and put it into a set of court documents to enable the judge to make orders for you. Your ‘story’ is not a fable or tale of woe, it is simply what has happened in the past that brings you to the place you now find yourself.

Our legal obligations


Our lawyers are bound by their professional standards and governed by the legislation governing lawyers conduct in each State of Australia. Our lawyers cannot and will not act unlawfully in drawing your documents. This gives you the protection of having your documents drafted by a professional who is required by law to assist the court. Our lawyers cannot ‘make up’ stories for you.

What we can do

What our lawyers can do is draw your documents to comply with the law and in doing so, give you the best opportunity available to get the outcome you need. The outcomes sought must comply with the law.


What we cannot do

What we cannot do is draw documents that are knowingly false or which create an outcome that is inherently unfair to one or the other of the people involved. Our lawyers professional obligations prevent them from acting contrary to law.


Our lawyers all have proven ability to draw documents which is a skill even many legal professionals struggle with.

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Help us to help you by providing us with your clear instructions and by taking genuine steps to resolve your dispute rather than make it worse.


Allow time for change to occur and issues to resolve – people need to process change and while you may be ready to move on, your partner may not. Give it time.